Face Mask - Qasil 150g

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Qasil ” Zizyphus Mauritiania”   is a cleansing/exfoliating face mask used by Nomadic Sub-Saharan African Women. The leaves are collected from the Gob tree & crushed into Qasil. This cleansing powder can be used as an alternative to facial cleanser, soap or as a face mask as it cleanses, exfoliates and conditions the skin naturally without stripping the skin of its moisture.

Directions for use: Make the powder it into a smooth, spreadable paste by mixing the powder with warm water in a small bowl, and allow it to thicken for about two minutes. For a facial treatment for one person, mix half of a teaspoon of the Riyan Organic- Pure Qasil and 1 tablespoon of warm water if you have oily skin. For dry skin, add a teaspoon of honey and moringa oil. Using your fingers, massage the paste onto your face, throat and décolleté. Follow a gentle circular motion to exfoliate the skin, and then rinse it off with warm water. Follow with a moisturizer such as Riyan Organic Collagen moisturizer.