Collagen Face Cream (30ml)

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Our Riyan Collagen Cream — with added pure Neroli — is rich in natural Vitamin C and Vitamin E. This encourages your skin to produce natural Collagen, the essential building block of healthy, vibrant, wrinkle free, and youthful looking skin. Without collagen, your skin loses the elasticity and vibrancy we associate with youth and with great looking skin. The natural collagen peptide is hydrolysed so that your skin is capable of quickly and effectively absorbing it. With daily use you will soon see a visible difference in your skin’s tone and texture.

Skin Suitability: Suitable for most skin types.

Directions for Use: For best results, use Riyan Organic face scrub. Apply to your face — starting at your chin, using an upwards motion — smoothing out from the centre to the extremities of the face. Apply to the forehead in an upward motion to strengthen the facial muscles, helping to tone and improve the skin’s texture.