Riyan Organic

We Provide  Natural, Ethical, Sustainable Health & Beauty Products from Africa

We believe that business can be a ‘Source for Good’ so we engage in Positive Enterprise.

We believe that beauty products should be made from pure, sustainable and ethical ingredients. Free from harmful chemicals and exploitation of workers.

We believe in promoting gender equality and give more consideration for women in the decision-making process.

We believe that, the way to end poverty is by providing work and allowing women to be free, independent and self-sufficient.

We have planned to expand and increase our enterprise in order to create more jobs for women in particular, as well as local farmers.

The Value Proposition of Riyan Organic

Riyan Organic specialises in producing natural health and beauty products and is the first company to invest in the natural skin care sector in Somaliland.

Riyan’s model is based on supplying and manufacturing natural health and beauty products with value production chain.

We are committed to provide our customers high quality products.

Our products are farmed naturally without the use of chemicals which damage the environment.     



Our Business Model

Riyan Organic business model is based on the idea of supplying and manufacturing of natural products with value production chain. We are committed to provide our customers with high quality products. We want to work with large and small retailers who can distribute our products. We also sell directly on the internet.

How the business started…

Like many African countries Somaliland is changing, its growing and it has many opportunities with its resources, work force and geographical location. It also has suffered years of war, fighting, corruption and Political Instability. However, a tide is turning, now there are opportunities for the country to change and more than ever it needs it's Woman to stand up and be encouraged.

I took trip back home to Somaliland in 2014, to visit my mother. It was then, that I discovered I wanted to do work that inspired me and would make a positive difference in the local community and across Africa. I wanted to use my skills and experiences which I gained in Sweden and apply them in Somaliland. As an entrepreneur I wanted to start a new venture but one that would benefit locals especially Somali women. I have a mother that has spent most of her life being an advocate for women’s issues. She encouraged me and supported me to give up a stable job and start a new venture in Somaliland.

As a nutritionist; I was constantly advising people on what to put in their bodies for optimum health. However, people often tend to forget, what we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on our skin.  

I am extremely passionate about natural health and beauty products and so decided to work on my own range which would be natural, Organic and produced in an ethical manner. I found my ideal skin care range from the natural leaves found in the horn of africa. With the correct procedures and after much experimentation I found the perfect range which I named Riyan Organic, named after my daughter! 

The product ranges are fantastic and exclusive, but that is not all! I have given the farmers good trading deals so that they can benefit from the profits of my range and as someone who is passionate about female empowerment, I have hired dozens of Somali Women to help prepare the raw material that I sell to the world.


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