A Founder With a Vision

Muna Magan, founder and chief executive officer of Riyan Organic, is a Somali-Swedish national tracing her roots back to East Africa. Her academic qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition and Bio Medical Science from the University of Westminster and a Masters in securities, investments and wealth management.

Muna is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience in European and International Markets, married with 2 children.

Riyan Organic was inspired during a trip to visit her mother in Somaliland in 2014 where she envisioned an independent and sustainable business model that unlocks value for farmers and consumers alike. Her dual heritage and educational background enabled her to develop a farm-to-face business model that leverages technology to lower consumer acquisition costs while delivering organic personal care products. Her education background in Human Nutrition and Bio Medical Science enabled her to develop two distinct product lines (Hair Care and Skin Care) without losing their organic/natural appeal.

As an entrepreneur who believes in the concept of appointing and applying oneself, Muna works tirelessly to reinforce the culture of self-sustainability through self-employment and as a result mentors other aspiring and established entrepreneur who are face with business stagnation challenges. Her powerful strategy is founded on the philosophy of giving others a hand-up.

Muna is the Somali ambassador for Women in Africa (WIA), an initiative founded by French millionaire Aude de Thuin. WIA is the first international platform dedicated to the economic development and support of leading and high potential African women. Muna has been featured in the international media due to her position in WIA (see media and marketing)

Muna was also selected business woman of the year at the Somali achievement awards in London, 2018. Muna also won business of the year for the same awards. Muna was also presented with entrepreneur of the year and philanthropist of the year from SODRA in Somaliland. (See media and marketing)

Her vision is to use shifting dynamics in the personal care industry to empower out growers in African agrarian economies while bringing the value of organic beauty products to the world!


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